Oct 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy's Damage

Greetings all!

Finally checking in after losing Internet during Hurricane Sandy. Although most people were prepared, a lot of people expected there to be no damage, and stated the city was overreacting. Now we have video footage of how wrong that mentality was. This first video was released by the MTA of the water damage done downtown. This particular video highlights the MTA's South Ferry and Whitehall Street station. If you notice, they are able to walk around where the turn stalls are located, but the water is completely flooded where the stairs lead down to the actual tunnels. Check it out.

As if that wasn't bad enough, check out the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel video below.

For once, I don't think the MTA chair was exaggerating, and hope all the workers who have to deal with this stay safe. Hopefully they'll get things up and running quickly, but we can't expect miracles.

Thanks to The Gothamist for the videos.

-El Russo