Jan 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a VERY Happy and Healthy New Year, folks! I also wanted to make sure that you all know where most of my writing will be taking place in this coming year. While putting this blog on the backburner for now, I strongly encourage you all to follow our new blog: Love Always. There will be writing, pictures, recipes, and much more!

Stay tuned, my friends. You won't want to miss it!

-El Russo

Dec 19, 2012

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Not In Connecticut

Alright, so the actual title reads The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, but think my title would have been better. Anyway, the concept seems interesting enough, and if they stick to the formula that worked in their first film, I'm sure this one will be solid too. Check out the trailer.

Now I know scary films aren't everybody's cup of tea, but personally, I enjoy movies like this. The gory, senseless, blood-everywhere ones I can do without. However, the thrillers, that get into your head, are for me. What about you? What kind of scary movies do you enjoy?

If you're looking forward to this; make sure to keep an eye out for the release date, since they haven't announced one yet.

-El Russo

Dec 18, 2012

The Smurfs Are Back!

At least they're coming back! That's right folks, below is the first trailer for The Smurfs 2. While the first movie wasn't exactly great, it was a welcome return to my childhood for me. Not to mention that earning over $500 million worldwide means it doesn't matter if people liked it or not. Hollywood was bound to jump on board with the sequel, in hopes of raking in more dough. In this trailer, we see that Gargamel is at it again, and desperately still trying to hatch a plan to get the Smurfs. Check it out.

I'll probably wait for this one to hit one of the streaming services again, but I'm sure lots of families will enjoy checking it out in theaters. What will you be doing? Aye or nay? If you're looking forward to it; make sure to check your theaters next Summers for the release.

-El Russo

Dec 17, 2012

Warm Bodies

It was bound to happen. A Romeo & Juliet meets The Walking Dead movie. Who's really surprised by this? No one should be. Come to think of it; I kind of expected this to happen a little sooner. Figured I'd see movies/shows/books creeping up viewing things from the zombie's POV a while ago. Anyway, this one actually looks like it might be worth a shot. Go figure. I actually want to see it. Think it's a welcome change to the norm on TV these days. Haven't heard of Warm Bodies yet? Check out the trailer.

Slated to hit theaters 02/01/2013, I'm looking forward to this interesting take on what has become a cult genre now a days. How do you feel about it?

-El Russo

Dec 5, 2012


Will you look at that. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in a roll about working for the Gov't while trying to take down bad guys. Although it isn't exactly the same, it's definitely a role he's come to play well, and often. This being a new spin, sure, but still the same feel overall. Check out the trailer.

With a February 22nd, 2013 release date, it is clear that Dwayne will seem to be in theaters all of next year. Is that a bad thing? Maybe. I doubt it, though.

How do you feel about that?

-El Russo

Dec 4, 2012

DmC '13

Who doesn't remember Devil May Cry? Although I never played the entire franchise, I do remember how fun the few moments I played were. This revamp just looks like they made it even better. A newer, younger, and hipper Dante. At least I think so. Check out the trailer.

Since I don't remember the story, can't say if this is new or not, but looks solid. With a release date of January 15, 2013, one can only hope they are patching up any loose ends. Excited? A bit. What about you?

-El Russo

Dec 3, 2012

Just Keep Swimming...

While catching up with my online articles, I came across this awesome piece over at io9. Although extremely frightening, and amazingly awesome at the same time, I must say it's a great experience to have. Check out the video.

Kudos to the teenager filming, too. I think given the circumstances, they both did well keeping their cool. I can't say I'd be that calm, that's for sure.

How would you react?

-El Russo

Nov 28, 2012

Gods Among Us

From the team that brought us the lovely revival of Mortal Kombat, now comes a new addition to the tons of fighting titles already out for consoles. Only this time, it's with a few characters that you've never had the pleasure of playing as before. Injustice: Gods Among Us brings the DC Universe to your console and allows you to pin your favorite superheros against one another. The announcement trailer doesn't reveal much, but I'm sure it'll serve as enough eye candy to get the fanboys excited. Check it out.

While I'm probably going to skip on this one, I can't lie and say it doesn't look entertaining. My problem is I never fully play combat games. I get them, and they sit on the stand until a friend comes over. I'll probably borrow this from a store and test it out, but return it after a few matches.

Doesn't mean it won't be a good game. Just not my cup of tea. What about you? Think you'll be getting this one?

-El Russo

Nov 27, 2012

Dead Island Riptide

Although this is probably one of the most depressing trailers for a video game I have ever seen, I must say it's legit. It gets your attention and gives you just enough to get you interested in the story-line. Although the developers are saying that this isn't  a sequel to Dead Island, it sure does look like one. Apparently Dead Island Riptide takes place four years after the original title, but not much more is known besides that. Either way, "sequel" or not, this game will probably be bad ass. Don't believe me? Check out the trailer.

Looks like it has an April 2013 release. Will you be getting it? I know I will.

-El Russo

Nov 26, 2012

Now You See Me

Enjoyed the Oceans franchise? Well, then you'll probably enjoy Now You See Me. When you think about it, it's a story-line that I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't developed sooner. Magician. Bank. Robbers. You read that right. A group of Magicians that rob banks, and not to mention they do it for a noble cause. Check out the trailer below.

With an expected release month of March 2013, I'm sure we'll find out more about this movie. For now, this trailer is enough. I really think it'll be worth the watch. What about you?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this trailer to start your week. Make sure to live it up!

-El Russo

Nov 21, 2012

Hammer Style

I honestly wonder who's brilliant idea this was. Although I can't say it was a terrible performance, because it wasn't, I just can't understand how it happened. Who's party reached out to who? In who's mind did this mix go well? I mean, don't get me wrong, I didn't entirely hate it. It was pretty dope actually. It just amused and confused me. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out the video below.

That's Psy's performance with MC Hammer at this year's AMAs. What are your thoughts? Unexpected to say the least, don't ya think?

-El Russo

Nov 20, 2012


As in Grand Theft Auto V. They have finally released the juicy details of the next title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. And those details are awesome. While I don't want to get my expectations to high, I do think this will have a lot of improvements the series needed. Now let's just hope the developers don't let us know. If you haven't already, check out the trailer for this bad boy!

So what do you think? How do you feel about the three main character shift? I'm pretty excited to see what possibilities develop due to this change. Think it will be a good direction for the continuation of this franchise. While there is no official date for release yet, Rockstar Games has started it will be released Spring 2013. So what do you say? Excited? Not? Tell me know!

-El Russo

Nov 19, 2012


Have to love them. Man's best friend have always given us love, hope, and companionship. They also tend to give us laughs from time to time. So, in hopes of making you laugh and warming all of your hearts as the start of another work week begins, here are two videos sure to make you, at the very least, smile. Enjoy!

Oh Tugger. If you go to youtube and check out the uploader's page, they have updated videos with a teenage Tugger, still providing more enjoyable videos.

And talking about enjoyable videos. Check out this big baby below.

Hope these two made you smile and brighten your day. Remember to make the most of your time!

-El Russo

Oct 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy's Damage

Greetings all!

Finally checking in after losing Internet during Hurricane Sandy. Although most people were prepared, a lot of people expected there to be no damage, and stated the city was overreacting. Now we have video footage of how wrong that mentality was. This first video was released by the MTA of the water damage done downtown. This particular video highlights the MTA's South Ferry and Whitehall Street station. If you notice, they are able to walk around where the turn stalls are located, but the water is completely flooded where the stairs lead down to the actual tunnels. Check it out.

As if that wasn't bad enough, check out the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel video below.

For once, I don't think the MTA chair was exaggerating, and hope all the workers who have to deal with this stay safe. Hopefully they'll get things up and running quickly, but we can't expect miracles.

Thanks to The Gothamist for the videos.

-El Russo

Oct 23, 2012

Iron Man 3

Finally, we have the first trailer for what is sure to be another great addition to the Marvel movie franchises. Iron Man 3 is slated to hit theaters in April 2013, and after this amazing trailer, I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait. Check it out!

Amazing, wouldn't you say? I think this is probably going to be a great continuation of the Marvel Universe, and probably fits in nicely after the Avengers as well. What do you think?

I know I can't wait for April of next year, because this one already looks great!

-El Russo